“MLM Prospects, How To Generate 10-20 Leads Per Day In Any Business!”

“MLM Prospects, How To Generate 10-20 Leads Per Day In Any Business!”

This post is written for the “every man” the typical MLM marketer or any marketer for that matter who is looking for or needs prospects. So where do we find MLM Prospects?

I am going to give you tips and tricks that I use everyday to generate between 10-20 leads per day for ANY business, that’s right, doesn’t matter if you sell lotions, potions, or pills using the strategies I am going to teach you will generate the leads desired to grow your business! So are you always going to get 10-20 leads per day using these methods? The answer is that gray area, because some days you may hit the numbers right on the head and some days you might go a little under or way over, but if you do the methods consistently you will average these types of leads. Would 10-20 MLM Prospects per day help in your current situation? I bet it would, so follow my methods below and put them in to action everyday!

Method 1: This is my most powerful method to generating an endless supply of MLM prospects, it’s called Viral Blogging and Content Creation!

This method is the cheapest, most effective way to generate a steady flow of residual MLM prospects. So, let me tell ya how its done. The number one thing you want to do is get a blog set up ( I prefer for you to use an MLSP blog like the one you are seeing now, because of the fact that it is all set up on an authority site which is by default going to get you better results faster, you can get it by clicking one of the banners on the side or at the top or bottom of this blog post ) If you do not choose to get the Empower  blog to generate more MLM Prospects that is totally fine, the method will still work but will take a little more time and effort and may yield slightly less results. After you have your blog set up ( I prefer using word press on a custom domain name ) you are going to want to blog daily, now it doesn’t matter what you blog about at all, you can blog about ANYTHING, the point is to get enough post’s on your blog so that you are all over the place! IMPORTANT: When you are setting up your blog you want to make sure to include some banners on the side, a link in the navigation bar that invites them to work with you, and make sure to include your primary business on that page and make the banners point to your capture page or business affiliate link etc this is what is going to build your business when your MLM Prospects come to your page. So you can probably see now how much impact this can have if you take action, right? USEFUL INFO: Make sure you search google for “SEO blog training” “Blog Syndication” and “Keyword Research For Blogging” and study up on it, the more you know the more money you will make in your business!

TIP 1: You can outsource your blogging, you can actually go to sites like fiverr.com and pay someone a fee to create SEO blogs for you so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Method 2: SOLO ADS for MLM Prospects.

This method alone can be up and down, but if you find the right quality solo ads you can absolutely KILL IT! Now, what is a solo ad? A solo ad is basically finding a person with an MLM Prospects list already built, and having them send your ad whatever it may be to that list. There are tons of cheap ways to do this but the most consistent and proven solo ads are between $45-$65 depending on the amount of clicks you want to receive. This is FAST traffic and can really generate MLM Prospects very fast!

TIP 2: When using solo ads you want to make sure you are tracking your links to find out which solo ad providers are producing for you so you can go back to them for results in the future! You can google “Link tracking” “Solo ad link tracking” “How to track links for solo ads” and find tons of useful information!

Method 3: Social Media for MLM Prospects.

This is probably my least used method, but it absolutely works for some fast traffic, but its a little more complex than the other methods. This method requires branding yourself as a leader, adding value, and talking/meeting new people all the time ( which is never a bad thing) Basically, you want to create an account for business, and start to add groups of similar interest, “internet marketing” “network marketing” “MLM” “your company” etc… Join as many as you can, and always stay joining groups! The next step is to add value by posting inspirational/motivational stuff everyday ( NEVER PITCH OR POST PRODUCT LINKS ) when you see people that are actively talking in groups, and or responding to your post’s add them, I suggest adding 10-20 people a day. Once you have a solid base of friends and you are posting value everyday, you can start conversation with people and build personal friendships ( DO NOT PITCH ) you do not want to talk about your business or product, these chats are specifically to build trust and friendship, you will build the business later. All friends are MLM Prospects but they don’t have to know that! IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a link to your BLOG page and your youtube account ( if you have one ) on your profile so that people can find your site when they are searching around your page.

TIP 3: People join and buy from people who they KNOW AND TRUST! Keep this in mind!

That is all for my basic training on generating MLM Prospects! Do these everyday, and watch your list and sales soar to new heights! Never forget that MLM Prospects are everywhere, never limit yourself to one thing, but never spend time doing something that isn’t getting you the results you are looking for!

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